Fire Protection Consultancy – Project Engineer

Fire Protection Consultancy - Project Engineer

ETHOS Fire Consultancy & Design, who is an expert engineering company solely providing service in Fire Protection Engineering discipline, is seeking candidates to be trained and raised as a competent expert for the Project Engineer position in Fire Protection Engineering era.

ETHOS is providing pure intellectual engineering services; i.e. design, reporting, consultancy etc. Hence, ETHOS is not a contractor (does not install fire protection systems) or is not a vendor (does not sell fire protection products), merely provides engineering knowledge.

The expected qualifications from the applicants should be as follows:

– to be graduated from an engineering department (preferably mechanical engineering) from a respectable university,

– to have at least intermediate knowledge in Autocad,

– to have at least intermediate knowledge in MS Office software,

– to be at least upper-intermediate or advanced level in English,

– preferable to have 1 or 2 years of work experience (not strictly required),

– to be open to learning and researching,

– to be a non-smoker,

– to be an active driver.

Candidates who think they are eligible for the above-described qualifications, their applications are highly appreciated.

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