About Kadikoy.Com

KADIKOY.COM is a website which is being prepared to be Istanbul City Guide. A portal where the announcements of the announcements, the announcements of the events and all the information considered to be shared are carried.

Anyone who is an Individual or an Enterprise member on the Site can purchase one of the announcement packages, edit the advertisements, and make it available to the users.

In future versions, site members will be able to display and sell their own products, except for promotional pages, on their own pages.

Members who want to publish their articles about the city, except for the services to be explained above, will be able to publish their articles on the site without paying any fees.

Kadıköy is one of the biggest districts of Istanbul and the search frequency of this glove on the internet – monthly search volume – is high. Therefore, the members of the site will be able to quickly reach out to the end-users the pages they have prepared.

Although the website was a new activity in May of 2017, the back-office staff consisted of people who have worked and experienced in companies that have been operating in the information industry for many years.

The following services are provided at KADIKOY.COM, which is now available as version 1.0;
– Order processing to create an ad page,
– Online Payment,
– Editing and publishing the advertisement page,
– Publishing articles for the blog.

Information about the versions will be continuously updated and published on this page.

For any questions, criticisms and suggestions please
Please send an e-mail to [email protected].


About Kadikoy.Com