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In case you violate Kadikoy.Com “Terms of Membership” and “Privacy Policy” Terms of Use, Kriweb d.o.o. , Kadikoy.Com may expire your software; Turn off your personal page; You may remove your posts from the broadcast, remove your ads from the broadcast and / or go to court or legal proceedings against you.

1. Kadikoy.Com service shall not be used in any way that violates public order, violates general morality, harasses or harasses others, infringes on the intellectual and copyrights of others for illegal purposes. In addition, Kadikoy.Com infrastructures on the unreasonable or disproportionate bulk of any transaction can not be made.

2. The contents of Kadikoy.Com website, all intellectual and financial rights belong to Kriweb D.O.O. Kadikoy.Com users and their members are not permitted to view and / or copy, reproduce, modify, or otherwise use the Kadikoy.Com webpage or content for any other purpose not authorized and authorized, and without prior written permission of Kriweb doo, They will not use any other automatic instruments or manual processes; They will not create derivative works from this content or display it to the public.

3. Kadikoy.Com users and their members will not use any tools, software or tools to interfere with or attempt to interfere with the operation of Kadikoy.Com website and will not unauthorized access to and unauthorized access to the site and other Internet users’ software and data without permission, They will not use it. Otherwise Kriweb D.O.o shall be repatriated from the user for all kinds of compensation and / or administrative / judicial penalties which he has to pay to public institutions and / or third parties.

4. Kadikoy.Com users and members may not use the Kadikoy.Com website to transmit illegally the copyrighted information and materials without express permission, without a valid defense or justifiable reason. Users who post ads, products, articles, images, stories, software, or copyrighted material on the Site or similar content do not infringe the copyrights or other rights of third parties uploaded to the site (such as the right to privacy or privacy rights) or violate these rights They should make sure they do not. Kadikoy.Com users and members accept and undertake not to comply with and violate the provisions of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree on the Protection of Marks, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on the Protection of Patent Rights, the Turkish Penal Code and other legislation. Otherwise Kriweb d.o.o. Shall be liable to the user for all kinds of compensation and / or administrative / judicial penalties which he shall have to pay to the public institutions and / or third parties.

5. The use of Kadikoy.Com users and members by the copyright owner or its representative to report to Kriweb DOO that the Kadikoy.Com website is being used as an illegal entitlement infringement or as an agent of infringement, or is subject to a court order or the affirmative The rights of the infringing user to access and / or use the site shall be revoked. Kriweb D.O.o reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to revoke the right to access or use the site on such notice, court order or resignation if it suspects that the violation of rights or the infringement of the rights actually infringed by Kriweb D.O.

6. The damages and losses that Kadikoy.Com users and their members may be exposed to by third parties due to their use of the site, including the use of the Kadikoy.Com website for linking to another site or for uploading content and / or other information on the site, To their own and / or reasonable affiliates, affiliated companies, officers and agents, other partners and employees, and shall be liable for such damages.

7. Kriweb D.O.o. does not warrant that the website of Kadikoy.Com will be uninterrupted or error free or that certain results will be obtained by using the site or its content or by linking to the site. Kriweb D.O.o. does not warrant that the files and files uploaded by Kadikoy.Com users and members of Kadikoy.Com website are free of viruses or contamination or disruptive features. Kriweb D.O.o. shall not be liable for any damages which may arise from the use of Kadikoy.Com website, including direct, indirect or incidental damages, consequential damages, and penal indemnities.

8. Kadikoy.Com members can not give their user name and passwords assigned to them to other persons or organizations. Otherwise Kriweb D.O.o reserves the right to indemnity arising from such use. Kadikoy.Com members own the right to use Kadikoy.Com ownership is solely their own, can not be transferred to others.

9. A user who is a member of Kadikoy.Com, a customer or an author can not publish inappropriate content in Kadikoy.Com web site and / or contrary to the usage rules of Turkish. Kriweb D.O.o has the right, in its discretion, to publish and / or remove any content that it deems inappropriate, which is inconsistent with the publication guidelines.

10. Kadikoy.Com website, a guide, blog site. Kadikoy.Com pledges that its users, advertisements, comments or writings accepted in its membership, or in its writings, will mainly write on the pages in which they constitute the pages and will not publish inappropriate publications regarding private lives. Kriweb D.O.o has the right to publish and / or remove the advertisements, comments or blogs of persons contrary to this.

11. Apart from that, Kriweb D.O.o. has the right to temporarily or permanently, in whole or in part, terminate the blog service provided to its member or its members. Kriweb D.O.o may, in its sole discretion, remove, amend or delete the writings and / or interpretations of the member’s name, as he / she deems necessary.

12. Kadikoy.Com users and their members agree that all content submitted to the Kadikoy.Com website will not contain the correctness of the content, that the photographs are related to the subject, that they will not include any material misleading to third parties and organizations, and that the opinions, thoughts, expressions and pictures published by Kriweb d.o.o. And that they have no interest and connection with them, and that they will only bind themselves. In this context, they accept, declare and undertake that all requests made by third parties against Kriweb D.O.o will be fulfilled completely and completely in the first notification made to them electronically or in writing.

13. Kriweb d.o.o. has the right to temporarily or permanently stop the Kadikoy.Com website unilaterally at any time.

14. Kriweb D.O.o. will not be liable for any damages which may be caused by the unauthorized reading of the information of the users and their members, and to the software and data of the users and their members in this way. Users and members agree not to claim any compensation from Kriweb D.O.o regarding damages that may result from using this service.

15. Being a member of Kadikoy.Com web site is not sufficient for being a member of Kadikoy.Com. Applications for users completing applications to become Kadikoy.Com writer are Kriweb d.o.o. Is assessed by; Only approved writers are accepted as Kadikoy.Com site writer. Any content sent to Kadikoy.Com website will be published on Kadikoy.Com site after passing the editor’s approval. However, Kriweb D.O.o. reserves the right to remove the content that the author of Kadikoy.com, which he has identified and only approves, as appropriate, before publishing and publishing such content, if deemed necessary under editorial control after publication.

16. Kriweb D.O.o. reserves the right to remove from your system any account of the members whose records are found to be incomplete and / or whose blog has not been found to be in compliance with the terms of use of the Kadikoy.Com website. In addition, Kriweb D.O.o. has the right to remove from your system any explanations of the members that it has not been updated for a certain period of time.

17. Kadikoy.Com users and members can not use Kadikoy.Com web site as a domain of commercial promotion without creating content that creates value, and can not make an attempt to advertise / sell products / services or direct them to sales channels through this site. Kriweb D.O.o. has the right, in its own discretion, to terminate memberships and / or remove pages of members whom Kadikoy.Com has found to be using for this purpose.

18. Kriweb d.o.o. has the right to publish promotional or advertising images, texts or links in various formats on Kadikoy.Com member pages. Kriweb D.O.o. may or may not implement an ad for any member or member group of his choice.

19. Kriweb D.O.o., Kadikoy.Com users and their content provided by Kadikoy.com may or may not be removed from the front page on various pages.

20. If the Kadikoy.Com article closes the personal Kadikoy.Com page, the content it produces until that day is Kriweb d.o.o. The right to use will be reserved.

21. The blog author, without asking any price for the writings he wrote, is entitled to the financial rights of Kriweb d.o.o., published in Articles 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 of the Act on Intellectual and Artistic Works of his writings. Declares and undertakes that it consents to the dissemination of the said texts separately on Kadikoy.com site without any prior permission and that this is the consent / authority document. In this context, Kriweb D.O.o. has the right to use all kinds of writings, original works published on Kadikoy.Com site, Kadikoy.com site, publications, books, magazines, newspapers and similar periodical and indefinite periodicals.

22. Kriweb d.o.o has the right to notify the competent authorities of the users of Kadikoy.Com if they find that the users and members of Kadikoy.Com use the Kadikoy.Com web site and its infrastructure contrary to the above mentioned conditions and laws. In a similar case, Kriweb D.O.o. also has the right to take the measures provided for in Kadikoy.Com’s Terms of Use.

23. Kadikoy.Com users and members who violate one or more of the above mentioned items are responsible for criminal and juridical personally due to this violation. In addition, Kriweb D.O.O. reserves the right to indemnify Kriweb D.O.o against the user for failing to comply with these conditions.